Seniors and Real Estate

Let Mary Beth Woods help make your real estate sale or purchase easy.

Being a senior today doesn’t mean being infirm, even though sometimes that’s the case. Today, we see people moving from their “long time home” because they want to move and build a new life. They don’t want to wait until moving is a “must” situation.

Call me. Let’s talk over all your options. Call me if you have parents thinking about what a move would look like. It can feel overwhelming when you haven’t bought and sold in many years. Choices are a great way to go!

We really care and are here to help in every aspect of your transaction.

Mary Beth and her team want to help you:

  • Make a plan – determine market values whether to buy or sell or for estate planning
  • Make your move – help with the logistics of what, when and where
  • Decide where to go – we can counsel you regarding other neighborhoods, other cities or other states. We know retirement housing options and we know professional agents nationwide to buy or sell property anywhere in the country.
  • Find the help – Mary Beth has been a real estate agent in this area for over 40 years. She knows everyone and can help you find whatever you need. Movers, cleaners, contractors, roofers, plumbers, architects, engineers, electricians, gardeners. You get it. Let us help.
  • Office services – Visit our office for free notary, copying, email, fax and more. Lean on us.

Email Mary Beth now.

Important Reasons Why Seniors are Selling Their Homes

The Need to Live on a Fixed Income

Retirees are finding it more difficult to live on a fixed income. They find that Social Security income does not cover monthly costs and pensions benefits are rare. Retirement savings often does not cover the gap and returns on investments can be small, thus leading to monthly deficits. More seniors sell their homes because the equity returned to them will supplement their monthly income and allow them to live a comfortable lifestyle.

Home Ownership Costs

Many senior homeowners are tired of the monthly costs associated with ownership. Mortgage payments are expensive and, with lower income, difficult to refinance. Often, reverse mortgages don’t provide enough income to cover monthly requirements. Even if your home is fully paid the fixed costs, such as property tax and utilities, can be exorbitant. Seniors finds that the allure of home ownership often diminishes as the years go on. Selling the homes and downsizing reduces monthly costs and adds to their monthly cash flow.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Homes need constant maintenance and repair. Whether it’s paint, plumbing or odd jobs around the house, they take time and considerable cost. What were once considered normal jobs get tiresome for senior homeowners. To this, add some high-cost items like roof repair or replacement, garage door replacement, heating and air conditioning, appliances, hot water heaters, and more, add up to major expenses. Selling the big old house equals less cost and worry for seniors. They reduce their financial risks and simply make life easier while lowering monthly costs.

Physical Challenges

The maintenance and repair items mentioned can be physically and mentally taxing. The home may also be too big for current and future needs. Climbing stairs may be difficult and keeping a big house clean becomes harder with each passing year. Seniors desire a life with less time spent on physically demanding chores. Downsizing may be a good idea.

Living Alone

Too much house and too much space can often make one feel lonely at times. It may not make much sense to stay is the home you have enjoyed for decades. Whether you move to a smaller home, an apartment or opting to relocate to a community that offers opportunities to socialize with others.

Selling a home can be a hassle. That’s why Mary Beth and her team put special emphasis on helping seniors achieve their real estate-related goals.

We can handle all aspects of getting a home ready for the market. Whether you want to sell the property in “as is” condition or have it fixed up and staged, we are here to help.

We find that seniors who cash out their equity often improve their lifestyles and start living more comfortably.

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